Daily lunch:
11:30 -15:30.

Thursday/Friday dinner from 19:00.
Book a table: +370 69232441, info@deltamityba.lt

Naugarduko 41 Vilnius, Lithuania

We offer Japanese and Korean inspired cuisine -
interpretations of ramen, pho and nabe soups.
Ingredients varies depending on season and availability
of stock from local farmers and markets.
Menu is 40/60 dishes with meat/vegetarian.

Bao / Gua bao - puffy buns with incredible stuffings — 3€

Dumplings - our regulars call them legendary.
Don't hesitate to ask for double — 4€

DP—1 (delta premium one) our flagman of soups, slow cooked,
beer marinated beef, lamb dumplings (with black sepia dots),
soba noodles, deep fried kimchi, asparagus, chickpeas,
greeneries and lots of broth. — 8€

Shaolin - our classics. Closest to ramen soup, with rice
noodles and variety of ingredients, vegetarian or meat options. — 4€

Bibimbap - rice dish, with various vegetables, ssangjong sauce,
fried egg, meat or vegetable toppings — 7€

Delta Kimchi - we have a passion for fermentation process
and take our kimchi seriuosly. Go for it every day — 1€

Delta mityba vakaro meniu